One Light – Red

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  • Red and White LED Waterproof Light
  • IP68 Dustproof/Waterproof Rating
  • 2600mAH Powerbank Function
  • Red Light (Brightness settings: 5%-10%-50%-100%)
  • White Light (Brightness settings: 10%-100%)
  • Press and Hold the Power button while in any brightness setting to turn off
  • Maximum brightness – 100 lumens

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The multi-purpose Gidgits and Gazmos One Light will illuminate your area in red LED light to help maintain dark-adapted vision. The One Light 2600 LED Waterproof Lamp can also emit white light for brighter illumination when it’s time to pack up, or when you need extra light in the garage, around the house, or on camping trips. Two magnetic clips are included for hands-free installation on telescope tubes, car hoods, and other metal surfaces. Thanks to waterproof and dust-proof construction, the One Light can be used in any weather. Whenever you need light, whether you’re stargazing in a dusty dark-sky site or setting up a tent in a rainy campsite, the rugged One Light LED Waterproof Lamp is the only choice!



  • Waterproof: IP68 at depth of 2 meters
  • Battery: 7V, 2600mAH Lithium-Ion
  • Input: 5V, 800mA (Max)
  • Output 5V, 1200 mA (Max)
  • Wattage: 1w (Max)
  • Lumen: 100 lm (Max)
  • LED Lifetime: Approx. 36,000 hours
  • Certification: CE, RoHS, REACH

Battery Life

Mode Brightness Battery Life
Red LED 5% ~ 300 hrs.
Red LED 10% ~ 150 hrs.
Red LED 50% ~ 30 hrs.
Red LED 100% ~ 15 hrs.
White LED 10% ~ 80 hrs.
White LED 100% ~ 8 hrs.
Charge Time 5 hrs.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 2.3 in

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    Great little light

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